*biting nails*

When I had the idea for this blog, I thought it would be great if I could combine my interests in a way that would be fun and beneficial, at least to some extent, to all my readers. ... riding and writing and writing about riding ... but so far, it's been about the horses, and writing horses and not so much about my own writing.

So here it is:
I have a completed novel, and another completed in draft form, and another one completed in outline form about half written, and notes for a half-dozen others, but I've been working through the draft on the second one trying to polish out some snags (which are coming out nicely - thankyouverymuch!) So I haven't put up one of those little status bars (yet). But I will when I start the next one.

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with the drafted novel, it's a kinda old style fantasy, just one step away from the old sword and sorcery stuff, about a half-elven wench and a mercenary with a big sword who loves the ladies (plural!) and a magical jewel - isn't all fantasy, at it's heart, about elves and fighting over jewelry? ;)

.... the completely completed one - a historical fantasy based on the 9th labor of Herakles has been languishing in the file cabinet. It's had some contest wins and a couple of 'rave rejections', the partial reads tended to result in long, polite, encouraging letters, and so I enthusiastically did a fairly major rewrite and stuck the thing in a drawer.

*huh* .... yeah - I don't know either ... all I can say is that I've had a lot going on in this last year.

For a couple of years, I kept to a submission goal of sending something to a market or contest at least once a month. It did me a lot of good, but I fell off the wagon last fall when life got busy at home, and - some other stuff (we all have 'stuff' sometimes, right?) - and I've kept writing, but haven't been submitting like I should have ...

And so when I got the news about the hook contest at Fangs, Fur, & Fey, I tossed _Bloodcup_ in the pot.

At first I was cool about it - did the usual frantic re-write of the hook, calling in all the usual suspects to read it over and over and over again and tell me how much better it was with each version except I suspect at some point it just gets a little 'different' each time and wears everyone out rather than actually increasing any elusive quality in the writing.

the contest opened at 12:01 and was limited to 180 entries. I was working that night and so I sent it off, casually, sometime between 1 and 2am. I started getting nervous the next morning when I saw the number of people on the LJ commenting on having sent theirs at 12:01.

The FFF admin posted that they had reached the limit at some point early in the morning, but due to the generosity of the judges, and additional judges, they were able to accept 70 more entries.

All day Saturday and most of the day Sunday - I was not just sitting here refreshing my mail for the acceptance notice - really I wasn't ... really .... *sigh* (ok - maybe I did check mail more often than I might have otherwise).

It's not like it actually *means* anything more than that I was able to press the 'send' button at the right time, but it's exciting to be back in the process ... and I'm really looking forward to ... umm.. being ripped publicly ... Of course, ;) I'm sure they're going to love it - and that's where the biting nails part comes it.

So all the hooks are going to be posted at the FFF LJ on Monday the 23rd, (mine is #11) along with their comments from the first round judges who are the FFF members as well as being open to comments from guests at that point.

I tried to blame Leah Braemel for getting me into this but she's one of these people who keep all their emails and so she claims that *I* was the one who told *her* about it and that I must have read about it somewhere else on my own, and she may be right since I have both Miss Snark and Agent X on my Bloglines, and I know that Agent X posted about it since she is the grand prize - she'll do a crit of the first 50 pages of the winner.

When they post the hooks next Monday, they'll list 16 finalists who will then post their first five pages and one of those will be picked to get to send 50 pages to Agent X.

... off to frantically polish those five pages!

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Leah Braemel said...

I'll take the credit for pushing you into it if you win. Otherwise, it was all your idea. And yes, I did a search on my emails, and you originated the post. I hadn't been reading Agent X for a while, and I never read 'Fangs Fur and whatever it's called', didn't even know it existed.

Chuckling over the email checking - I was doing that Sunday as I was in a draw to win my entrance fee for the RWA - that would have been worth $325. *sigh* I didn't win.

Anyway, good luck! I know you worked hard on your entry, as well as Bloodcup itself.