RWA National Conference - part II

Wow - what a whirlwind of a week. It will take me some time to get my head together, but I know I had a fabulous time. "Cheers!" to everyone who helped make this happen - from the organizers, speakers and volunteers to the members and attendees who make it all worthwhile. I've organized events in the past and raise my mug to those who managed to pull this off. (especially year after year).

The workshops were wonderful. I attended so many, the days started blurring! But I loved getting all the handouts spiral bound with the blank notes pages with between each class so at least my note are clear ;)

I especially loved Jane Porter's class on the Alpha Hero - she almost had me in tears a few times ... ok okokokokokOOOOK. ~ goosebumps *and* tears. ~ so there! She's one of the most engaging speakers I've ever had the privilege to workshop with and once the plastic quits smoking, I'm headed to the nearest brick and mortar to see what I can find of her backlist.

... just one more, because I just can't resist the primal alpha male.

Other favorites included the Chilling Villains workshop by Karen Rose and Madeline Hunter; The Men We Love by Tami Cowden; and I had a surprise favorite in a two hour class on real life hostage negotiation and how to use it in fiction by Angela Knight and her husband Michael Woodcock. I'm not sure why I went since I don't write contemporary, but I'm glad I did, and I hope that if I ever get nabbed, that Officer Woodcock is on duty.

The scheduling was just as tough as it could be. There were so many good workshops, it was really hard to pick. I hated missing Mary Buckham's workshop, but I did get a chance for a short visit, at least long enough to let her know the piece she helped me with in a recent online class finaled in the Sizzle contest.

I had an incredible time visiting with Leah Braemel who is every bit as delightful in person as she is online. But I have to admit that I was something of a bad influence as I was determined to be sure she had the full Texas Experience and so I tempted her away from the conference a couple of times. Even so I managed to meet Red Garnier and many wonderful people from all ends of the earth that it's going to take me a month at least to catch up with everyone.

I think I'll go for a long ride tomorrow!

Sue L


Cathy said...

I loved reading Leah B's posts on the conference. It sounded great! You look fabulous, darlin!!!

Leah Braemel said...

Jane was fantastic! I got goosebumps from her speech too. I SO wish they'd taped it so I could listen to the rest of it.

I was trying to tell my family about what I'd done each day, but you're right, the days started blurring together. I'll have to go back through my notes to remember it. Tami's course was good - now I want to get her book and read her take on heroines.

And you gave me a Texas experience no other conference attendee got - how many others got to groom a horse and ride, or shoot so many guns! Your mum and dad are great by the way - tell them I thank them so much for their hospitality. And my son is jealous that I actually got to fire a Luger.

Red Garnier said...

Sue I just saw your horses. WOW!!!! I want one...

We WILL have lunch next year. Repeat after me. We WILL have lunch next year. =)

I wish you luck with your sub, I'm polishing up mine and already feel jittery (like I'm NEVER jittery, haha!) =) Talk to you soon, Sue, it was so great meeting you.