Early Spring in Texas

I know that most of the country is under ice, but we've been having beautiful weather and with the Horse Mistakes book out and the DFWWW Conference done, and looking forward to next year, I've been able to get back in the saddle. I've had wonderful rides, a trail ride yesterday and shooting practice this morning. I'm hopefully going to shoot on Saturday, so I thought I'd better practice at least once!! I won't admit how long it's been ... I will say "much too long".

I'm planning to take BERI for my son and me to compete on and MIREE to 'hang out', so I rode them both this morning and shot a few rounds off each off them. I didn't really expect any trouble, but I was really pleased with both of them and I'm looking forward to shooting with the Texas Smokin Guns, which is having monthly LOCAL shoots. Local is so much easier to do these days, not just arranging to be gone, but do I need to mention the price of gas?

It's been a good week overall. TELPE had follow-up x-rays on Monday, which gave us wonderful news. She partook in a kick-fest in the first week of November which resulted not only in a fractured leg but a severe surface injury. I call it a "surface injury" because it's a mess of a thing that's much more than a cut but nothing else more specific ...

So 16 weeks later, the fracture is healed very nicely, but the surface injury is still giving me grief. It's pretty and pink and small, but still not closed. We've been keeping it wrapped, changing the bandage 3xs weekly this entire time.

There is always a chance, in these cases, of a bit of dead periosteum or a bone chip. (either of which would go necrotic) The wound is not obviously draining, it doesn't smell bad (yes, I sniffed - and so did the vet - both the removed bandage and the wound itself, it's something horsemen do.) and she hasn't been lame, not even the first couple of days. So we *thought* that there probably wasn't a problem brewing, BUT when I had left the bandage off for several hours last Friday, it had swollen up and looked like both a "bandage bow" on the tendon and some bizarre blood filled swelling above the still open cut (which was by that time bleeding). So I called and made Monday's appointment.

You have to understand about TELPE.

Some people say that horses have an insight to God's Plan, know that they have an appointed time to die and spend their lives looking for it. Telpe, we've decided, has heard a whisper that she'll live a long and fruitful life and so has no fear of situations or circumstance.

We've also decided she's fallen in love with my vet and does want she can to get to see him. Early last year, she hung her eyelid on something and ripped a "T" shape in it that required delicate stitching and some relatively long term care with several follow-up visits to her favorite vet. So in the last 16 weeks since all this has been going on with her leg, she's seen him on a regular basis - not only for the leg, but for escaping her stall and getting in the feed barrel. And once she even went so far as to dig in the coals and singe a patch off hair off her leg.

But, for today at least, she's sound and whole ... and hopefully will stay that way for awhile.


Leah Braemel said...

LMAO about Telpe's crush on the vet!

I'm jealous about your weather - I'm so tired of -26 windchills and twice weekly calls for 10-15 cms of snow...
Then again I'm not sure I could stand your 100+ summers.

Val said...

Ummm, Nov???
I would be willing to bet $$$ on a sequestrum since the wound has taken this long & still has not healed...
Time for some "radiation therapy"! (need Xrays)

Becky Burkheart said...

>>I would be willing to bet $$$ on a sequestrum since the wound has taken this long & still has not healed...

YES! We have been worried and scratching our heads over it. It's as pretty and pink and clean as you could hope for ... but there is a flap.

It *looks* 'healed', but it's not connected? arg!

We took a bunch of x-rays Monday and it looks really good inside.

LOL about the weather Leah. You know I'll be sweltering when you're having spring. :)

L.A. Mitchell said...

I have a critique partner who loves horses and would love your blog. I'll be sure to send her over.

I enjoyed reading about your release and the DFWWW writer's conference. I hope you'll be at DID so we can meet.

Thanks so much for the sweet comment on the elements loop and for purchasing our little slice of Texas Romance.

Take care:)

Becky Burkheart said...

Hi LA, thanks for the referral! I'm glad you're enjoying my slices of life. :)

...just from memory, I think DID is the same weekend as an endurance ride, but I'll be happy to add a link on my menu to it.