Logan's Redemption by Cara Marsi

This story about a bad boy from the wrong side of life is anything but typical. Cara Marsi embroils Logan and Doriana in a twisting, intriguing plot that keeps the reader propped up in bed with a penlight long after everyone has tucked in.

From family squabbling to industrial espionage, this is a story about how way goes on to way, how each choice we make in each age of our lives -- each lover, each fear, each time we turn away from someone or reach out a hand, each right decision -- how these things change us personally and change the rest of our lives and our families lives.

When Logan and Doriana meet again, they know they can't go back ... and as the plot unfolds and tangles, mixing old unhealed hurts, hard heads, broken promises and unspoken lies, it seems impossible that they might have a future.

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