I am not alone...

One of the reading forums I frequent has a well-posted thread about 'guilty pleasures'.

I have a few ... don't we all? Check the reading list (bottom left) I just added. I know there are books that will make some readers blush and others roll their eyes.

But one of my guilty pleasures is John Ringo's Ghost series. I didn't intend to get hooked on it. (isn't that what they all say?) I don't read much (if any) contemporary military fiction, I don't read much (if any) modern day guy-stuff books. I like fantasy, hard science fiction, history and romance, and I especially like elves and barbarians with big .. um.. swords (and stuff).

The first book of his I read was a loaned-to-me copy of Emerald Seas, and I enjoyed it enough to buy the rest of the Council Wars series and read them over a weekend.

And I have to admit that he endeared himself to me when he mounted his hero on a (are you sitting down?) a *gelding*! I read the page three times with a silly grin on my face ... the man obviously knew horses. Not just because of the gelding, but he got all the little stuff right, and that puts him on my 'short list', in a good way :), for a lot of reasons.

So once I finished those four books, I checked out his website and it looked like the next book in the series was long-time-pending.... So I checked Baen's bar and didn't find anything about it, so I emailed.

John kindly replied - and after a brief if somewhat interesting discussion about Red Sonja, he suggested, since I liked a grittier style of fantasy, that I try his Mike Harmon series.

allllllrightythen.... I don't blush easily, erotica is a big market these days and I'd brought home a stack from the RWA convention that I couldn't leave on my desk for the kids to question.... but this Mike-guy was anything but a typical hero. In fact, it seems Mike's most redeeming quality is that he acknowledges his demons and at least tries to keep a handle on them. And the book actually had a plot that tied it all together ... and late one night I found myself downloading the e-version of the next book ... and so forth and so on.

...and so I was delighted to find this review of the series (yes, it's long, but read on! and you'll get more of what the books are about) and John's reply here, and the wonderful news that 'OH JOHN RINGO NO!' shirts can be purchased from cafepress for a good cause.


Leah Braemel said...

That's really great that John replied. And his Mike Harmon series is as bad as the erotica we brought back from Dallas? Hmm, gonna have to go look that up then. Definitely will be interesting to see a guy's POV ...

Becky Burkheart said...

LOL about the comparison between the various sub-genres. All I can say it that it is very *different*.

And it's an excellent point about seeing inside a guy's head. Next time you get in a 'discussion' about how guys think, you should refer them to this series! ;)

I'm very tempted by the thought of writing a typical (so-called) Reformed Rake - five years later...

L.A. Mitchell said...

Guilty pleasures....I have a few :)

My parents found chocolate dipped Pringles in a shop in Oklahoma and I fell in love. Isn't that crazy? Sounds completely gross, but they're six ways of yummy.

I'd love to try out Mike Harmon's stuff. Thanks for the tip!

K.M. Saint James said...

Thanks again, Sue, for you great rewrite. It's already in place on my WIP.

As for making of list (the dreaded TBR), I just couldn't do it. I dumped all my books in a toy box. I open the lid and take out the next one. It's like one giant grab bag. I never know what great (or sometimes not so great) read is going to be next. I just open the cover (don't even look at the book blurb) and start in. It's been great fun.

Why didn't I start this soon?

Happy writing and reading.

Becky Burkheart said...

Sandra! I'm glad you liked it.

I love your idea of tossing them in a toy box! I'll definitely have to give that a try.

LA - LOL about the Pringles. That's pretty crazy.