Helping Zette

Holly Lisle has put out this plea:

Lazette Gifford owns and runs the huge, free-for-everyone writing community Forward Motion.

She's always carried the cost of the site herself (and having done it myself for a bunch of years before she took over, I can attest that the costs are extensive). She gets occasional donations, but again, they are occasional, and they don't cover costs.She has been dedicated to keeping the site free, and as of right now 13796 writers are benefiting from that.

Now, however, she needs your help. She lives in Nebraska, where the first snows have already fallen this year. Her house has a leaky roof, no insulation, a non-working furnace, at least one broken water pipe, and the front porch is pulling away from the house. She needs to get a bunch of things fixed before Nebraska winter sets in in earnest.

Here's where you can help, and get something cool at the same time.

On the following writing courses and books, I have waived all commissions and the authors, if not Zette herself, have waived all payment. 100% of what you spend on these courses (minus PayPal fees) will go directly to Zette, from now through December 31st of 2008.

There's a reason for the rush---Nebraska gets bitterly cold in winter and stays cold for a very long time.

So here are the courses. Every item you buy will help. And every person you can point to this page who buys something will help.

100% of Your Payment after PayPal Fees Goes Directly to Zette for These Books:
Zette's Courses and Books:
The Zette Bundle
2-Year Novel, Year One
2-Year Novel, Year Two
Vision Writing Workshops
Silky Novel Pack
Silky II, Lord of the Land

My Courses:
Create A Character Clinic
Create A Plot Clinic

Books by other HollyShop writers:
33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Mother Nature, Katherina Gerlach
33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Construction and Construction Workers, Pete Nix

So far, $822 $1704.27 has been sent to Zette from this effort. (As of
12:52 PM, Oct. 26, 2008)

A couple of the other 33 Mistakes books have been added to this list:

* Pete Nix's 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About
Construction & Construction Workers

* Tanya Drayton's 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Hunting

-- and I've send Holly a note adding my Mistakes about Horses to the group as well. So if you've been thinking about ordering, now is the time. It will go to a really good cause.

I don't know Zette personally, but I do know her work and I think, if you haven't read her before, you may find a new favorite author to add to your list.

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L.A. Mitchell said...

I'll take a look, Sue. Thanks :)