The hay-less hay bag

What you see here, on the left (the blue thing), is a hay bag. An empty hay bag. That stuff strewed below and about? ...that's hay.

SO why is the hay strewed rather than in the bag? That's an excellent question. And the answer, believe it or not, has to do with Telpe's tire.

Remember Telpe's tire? When Telpe got her tire, then Miree got her nosebag back. But since Miree (now she realizes) doesn't have a tire, *she* is terribly bored during the day too.

Miree has about another month of stall rest because of a 'soft-tissue injury' (IOW, she strained something, she has a lump and it hurts). Because she's inside, she gets flakes of hay each day instead of 800lbs at a time like all the others.

Miree being Miree, when I toss her hay in the stall, she has to dig in it and nose it around and arrange her hay 'just so' before she can pick through it and eat the variety of stalks in that days particular order. But that makes a mess of the stall.

So I put her daily ration of hay in the ... are you ready? ... in the hay bag. (which is a bag designed to hold hay) *In* the hay bag. Which of course, adds a step to her digging and noseing and arranging because now she has to first take the hay out of hay bag before she can strew it and make a mess of the stall.

*head desk*


Leah Braemel said...

LMAO! You have some VERY creative horses. I've been loving these posts, Sue!

laughingwolf said...

lol... a genuine horse opera ;)

L.A. Mitchell said...

Who knew they were so devious?

Becky Burkheart said...

Equine Antics are ongoing daily around here. I could sell tickets if I had bleachers around the arena.

Many times I just have to shake my head trying to figure out if I should laugh or cry.

I'm glad you're all enjoying my little dramas.