Good reports keep rolling in...

Yes, yes, I know. In order to continually breed horses, I have to sell the babies.

Honestly, it's not that hard for me to let them go, not as hard as it is for some people, I know, because I see it in two ways. One) that they're growing up and taking their place in the world and two) that they're spreading the good word and promoting their lines. and three) that for each one that sells, I have budget and space for another little replacement. The numbers in this group are low enough that every single one is important.

Certainly the more horses under more riders doing more stuff is going to do more good in the long run than a bunch of rare-blooded horses standing in my pasture eating. I remind myself of that every time one drives out the gate. But it's never easy.

It's still hard to let them go, no matter what. You worry about them. If they're going to be good, or if they'll show their 'ass' one time too many and be a "bad advertisement" rather than a good one. (If they're going to embarrass you rather than make you proud). If you judged the individual well enough that you've managed to get them in a good home. But still knowing that even the best of circumstances can change.

So you do all that you can do to get them out in the world - and then you hold your breath. You hold your breath until you pass out, hit your head on the floor, finally wake up and stumble to the kitchen for a bag of ice. And then you wait some more.

Finally the reports start coming in, and eventually the photos.

From the young gelding a few posts ago, to GLAMDRING (top photo) who has a good start in his endurance career, LANDROVAL who is just getting started, to Eowyn, who finished Tevis in fine form this year -- the reports are looking pretty good.

(so you see my little ANDE has a lot to live up to!!)


Cathy said...

Little E went to the Tevis and finished!!

I'm so happy!!!

Becky Burkheart said...

Yeah! LOL! "Little E". She certainly has grown up and is doing a good full time job.

Remember what a gawky little girl she was?!?

Leah Braemel said...

Awww, I know how hard it is for you to say 'farewell' to your babies. But they are gorgeous horses and I know you wouldn't let them go to someone who wouldn't care for them.

May you have lots of new little foals filling those empty spots.

Desert Horse Rider said...

Becky I was very happy to hear about glamdring and landroval coming up to our neck of the woods, and to be with such great people. Yea You for breeding and training such lovely ambassadors for the blues!

L.A. Mitchell said...

I know people who put their bad "ass" out to the world, too. If only it were so easy to send them out to pasture :)

I always love photos of your beauuuutiful horses, Sue.

Val said...

!!! Did you raise Eowyn??!!??
Z came home full of pride for being such a good Krewe member...
[Can we look at... '12, mebbe?]

K.M. Saint James said...

These are such beautiful horses. It rather sounds like raising children. Well, obviously, we don't sell the blessed babes, but certainly they have to be kicked out . . . or driven out into the world. Good reports are justification for all the hard work and love that goes into the raising of each creature. You just have more in the world to love.

Becky Burkheart said...

Val, yes, Eowyn was my first!! Patsy was so uncertain of her for the longest time and laughs about that all the time now. ZUZU is one of mine too, the daughter of her old mare 'Lacy' and she's a sister to ANDURIL, GLAMDRING and BERI.

LA ! LOL - I agree it would be nice if we could put some people out to pasture. *evil grin*

Sandra - it's true they're like children in a lot of ways.

DesertHorse - THANKS!! Hopefully, we'll (we: all the breeders and horses) will benefit from those guys being up there. I think GLAMDRING's already sent someone to your barn...?