Step 4,029

A/C unit is 'roughed in' in the new house. Writing that check hurt, but I know all-n-all, I'm getting what I need and I'm very happy with the installing company both professionally and with the owners and workers personally.

The framers have some finishing up to do. ...should be done tomorrow.

...the plumber is on his way to go over what still needs to be done with both the plumbing and electric and give me a quote on that.

It's both exciting and scary - each single step seems so major, but it sure is nice to be getting closer to done and to be thinking we'll actually be moved in before too long.


Val said...

Woo-hoo, ain't that purty?!?
Can't wait to see it in situ...
Happy Holidays from me & my krewe!
Might I see ya at High Roller?

Becky Sue Burkheart said...

Yes! Very pretty!! But I still have 40% to pay and now I'm reeling from the electric and plumbing quotes.

High Roller? I can't say. We discovered new and improved problems with the truck - so only time will tell when I actually do get back on the road. :(