It's been a whirlwind spring and I'm looking forward to settling into the lazy days of summer.

We didn't have our best rides at the Bluebonnet a few weeks ago, although we had fun, none of us got to ride as far as we'd have liked to go. My son and I had a wonderful fun gallop of only 17 miles and BERI made it 92 miles of a 100 mile ride before the trail got to her.

The previous two months had been so busy that at that point, we decided to take a break. Stuff was piling up at home and my homeschooler just started a new program that we needed to get into. - and the last few weeks, while busy in themselves, gave me a chance to get caught up, sorta caught up, on stuff that needed do'n.

We're on schedule with the school, he's got about another week before he's out for the summer.

As far as what's up with the horses, we're still breeding, we breed late in the year compared to most people. There is one mare here for GWAIHIR and I have SHAHIN out being bred to ZEUS. We're teasing MARAH daily to she can be AI'd, hopefully, to what semen we have collected from GLAMDRING, who is now gelded (and FOR SALE!). We plan to breed both WITNESS and my son's black endurance mare, CIMMI, to ZEUS later this summer and those four foals will be for sale. We do offer pretty deep discounts for foals purchased in utero so don't hesitate to contact me if you like the looks of one of these combinations.

In writing news, I got the partial of _Bloodcup_ and the synop and first few pages of _Thunder Jewel_ mailed off, as requested at the OWFI convention. I entered a scene from _Thunder Jewel_ in a 'Sizzle' contest, _Bloodcup_ in the Celtic Hearts contest, and the first paragraph of _Star Shot_ in another hook contest - even though I got my applecart soundly trounced in the last one. AND, I'm in the process of polishing up an article for the RWA Yellow Rose club :) I just love talking about my horses, I hope they aren't sorry they got me started. note to self: insert links to these contests and clubs

In other news, we're going truck shopping this morning - umm... afternoon - it'll be the second drive for a couple of them and I may get to bring one home. These aren't new trucks by any means, but newer then the wonderful old workhorse I've been driving.

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