DFW Writer's Workshop 2008 Conference

All of you who missed the DFW Writer's Workshop Conference in Grapevine, Texas this weekend missed a real class act. Although it was a first annual conference, the DFWWW group is anything but new on the scene. They've been around since 1977 and have a tremendous store of expertise and knowledge to draw on - and it showed clearly this weekend.

They had a full line-up of knowledgeable, informative and engaging speakers, yes, including yours truly :), and a solid contingent of volunteers who were at every turn making sure things ran smoothly - and they did. The only thing that really drives me crazy about a well-run conference with such a fantastic schedule is trying to figure out which speakers to attend and which ones I'll have to miss. The attending agents were professional but friendly, easy to talk to and easily approachable. They represented a wide variety of genres - which is always appreciated.

Candy Havens spoke during lunch on Saturday, her key note address was so unabashedly heartfelt and so emotional there couldn't have been a dry eye in the room.and, if I can say it without sounding cliché and trite, she's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. It seems impossible for a individual to do as much as she does in a day - but she never pulls back. In spite of keeping a daily schedule that would drive most people insane, she still makes time to give of herself unstintingly. In spite of being wildly successful, she never loses touch - she's not someone you can admire from afar because she pulls you in, sits you down, hugs you and then tells you to get your butt in gear and get writing. I've found her to be the epitome of tough love, truly tough and truly loving.

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