Marah's Belly - Six Weeks Due

We didn't have any foals born here last year and only have one due for '09, so we're waiting anxiously. Marah is (officially) due on July 7th, about six weeks from today.

I just love watching their sweet round bellies fill out and imagining the foal.

Colt or filly?

It could be grey or chestnut .... maybe black, but probably not bay.

The sire is my endurance horse, GWAIHIR TOS.

Interestingly enough, we didn't have breeding dates on Marah's previous foal. She went into labor in October and didn't deliver until January. We don't know if she was having early labor or if she carried a long time, but we'll be keeping a close eye on her over the next few months.


L.A. Mitchell said...

Best wishes to the Mama and to you, Sue :)

Val said...

How exciting - I keep on threatening to breed Sahara again, but I'd want to make myself a baby mule ;-)!
[& Lord knows I need another equine like the proverbial hole in my head]

Becky Burkheart said...

Thanks LA!

Val, I know mule babies are cuteness incarnate!! I suppose if you don't want a half-arab, a quarter-mule would be a good choice as well. :)