Holiday Bustle

Life, it seems, has me by the short hairs and is making me dance.

At least ... it's playing a tune. I'm dancing as well as I can.

There have been so many changes in my life recently, good, very good, for the most part, and some hard, but it's the juggling and trying to fit everything into it's new place keeps me worn out.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a good Christmas as well. I've been excited to have lots of prezzies under the tree this year and have been buying like mad, but after chasing from store to store, I still ended up buying the majority of what I wanted online and am now tapping my toe madly waiting for the UPS truck.

I long ago gave up many of the special Christmas traditions of my childhood and through the years of marriage and kids have worked out new schedules and expectations. This year, we're playing fast and loose with tradition and planning simply to celebrate.

What are your special holiday traditions that are generational, or what have you changed and made your own with your families over the years?


L.A. Mitchell said...

Playing fast and loose with tradition and simply celebrating sounds beyond perfect. Glad to hear things are going well for you, Sue :)

Val said...

I just bought Z a real sappy card - probably a little over his head in maturity - but it just captured my current mood... [In a crude paraphrase] it said something along the lines of how our family traditions may change over the years; what doesn't change is how grateful & proud I am to have him as a son.
I've felt so bad so many times for Z's disrupted childhood, but all I can do is make the most of the time we DO have together...

Becky Sue Burkheart said...

Val, I think you're doing a great job with him, and if he doesn't now, there will come a time that he'll understand the upset and changes. *hugs*