I bought a half dozen chickens last year... a total impulse buy that I was told at the time was a bad idea and I've since been unable to defend myself. We'd driven halfway across Texas to get our little spotted nubian buck and came home with the chickens too. The seller complained they laid too many eggs and were a hassle to take care of.

yep ... hook, line and sinker. We've had a grand total of one good egg, one crushed and one found too old in the intervening months.

So, I have more chickens on order that I'm picking up in a couple of weeks and in the meantime, I bought some laying crumbles for our remaining two hens. Last week, I bought the crumbles on Monday, I think. Today, I finally managed to carry the bag of laying crumbles from the barn to the chicken shed, I opened the bag, spread out some crumbles for the hens, turned around and ....

... but just try to put that in a book ?!?! LOL. It's true that truth is stranger than fiction, and I've proven it once again.


Val said...

How exciting! That now motivates me to move on to my next project... Reinforcing my lil' chicken coop so we can try, try again to keep some laying hens as well.

Becky Burkheart said...

Val, I'm getting my chickens from Edie. She has the best! But I think I might be getting all she has for sale. We're getting a few guineas too, which I'm not so happy about, but I'm going to turn them loose at the barn to scratch poo and keep the snakes away.