The Eyes of War

I finally stole the time to sit down and read Hawkspar last weekend. (I have to schedule time to read Holly's books - when everyone is gone because I get **very** grumpy at being interrupted)

.... and I don't know where to start. When Talyn came out a couple of years ago, I thought it was maybe the best read I'd had in a long time.

This one seemed even better ... maybe because I slipped so easily (eagerly) back into the world?

One of the things that draw me so strongly to Holly's books, are the layers. She writes with a depth of reality that makes you really believe in what's happening. All her details match, no matter how deeply you go in the world or how closely you look at it, or how far you pull back to look at the bigger picture. No matter how you pick it apart, when it goes back together, the pieces match - and that's important to me as a reader.

And I love all the Tonk Goodies

My other favorite thing about her books are the Truths that are woven in. Hawkspar can see possible futures, but like all of us, she has to learn that it's possible to make your own future if you don't like what you see. But it's hard and sometimes no matter how much we give, it doesn't seem like enough... and, usually, when you think it's over - it's not.

Holly writes with a gut-wrenching depth and strength that stays with you - I was going to say 'for long after you put the book down', then I realized that didn't convey 'long enough'. I have to say that she touches truths that filter through and stay with you through your daily life.

.... And that's just not the sort of thing you get when you just pull any pretty cover off the shelf.


Leah Braemel said...

Yet another book to add to my already bloated TBR pile. *sigh* Maybe the library has it ...because my bank account is drained and my credit card melted long ago. But I know to trust your judgement. (I've still got to get around to that other book you sent me - so many books, so little time.)

L.A. Mitchell said...

I haven't tried her yet. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.