those old classics

I refuse to start every post with an apology for not being more consistent with my posts, so I won't...

...but I will say that something ate my chickens. These prints are my only clue.

But that's just par for the course, recently. My life has been like one of those old black and white movies. Not anything like the good old classics It's a Wonderful Life, or The Man who Shot Liberty Valance. But more like some of the first talkies -- you know the grainy ones that jump and flicker and don't entirely make sense?

But in spite of the troubles and inanities, life goes on. Writing goes on -- slow and painful -- but it continues.

I've been bogging down with my edits and I finally decided my big, loveable hero wasn't strong enough to carry the ending of my current work so I've tossed him out with the bathwater, dragged him backwards through the rosebriars, rolled him in tar and horseshit, slapped him around a little bit and have sent him to the corner with a stack of old Conan pulps, some Heinlein and the Silmarillion.

Yeah, it hurts to do that to him. And while what he was has been fun to play with, he needs to grow up. That's painful sometimes, but we both know it's needed.

The house is coming along. The outside is nearly done. At least, the major decisions have been finalized. We had some trouble with the windows and had to change some stuff, but I think it's looking really good.

I like the rock, a lot, and am glad we did it even if we had to grit our teeth through the expense. The rock masons are craftsman and artists. If you've never seen them work, it's a real delight.

One neat thing we got to do is that we've harvested some cedar out of our pastures and are peeling it to frame the front door (I can't wait to show off our custom door!!) the four front windows (two upper and two lower), and for support beams ...umm.. not beams, posts (are the called columns if they're wood?) on the inside. I can't remember that I've posted a photo of the inside, but the second story is normal on the ends but the main section is only floored about 2/3rds across... I don't think that makes sense. I'll have to take more photos.

Otherwise, riding -- not enough, but some. GLAMDRING has been getting the work. Somebody needs to buy this lovable galoot. He's a sweet boy (is there anyone, really, who doesn't love a guy who brings home a mouthful of flowers?!?) and a hard worker. It's a combination that's hard to beat. We're trying to get him to a couple more rides this year and get a few more 50s on his record. I'm still thinking I'm going to try shooting off him next year. He doesn't like the noise, but he's fast and handy. He's doing real well setting balloons and just being around the gunfire doesn't seem to bother him any more so that makes me think that firing off his back is just a matter of time.


Leah Braemel said...

Oh, so many chuckles throughout this post starting with the anti-apology apology.

What the heck are those paw prints - I mean, I know we don't have the critters you guys get down in Texas, but I've never seen anything like that. Freaky! Poor chickens. Will you get any more?

The house is coming along really well. I wish my kids could hang out with the stone masons, that's a dying craft and there's big money in it nowadays.

Sorry about having to toss your hero out - painful, but yeah, sometimes they need a wake up call.

is there anyone, really, who doesn't love a guy who brings home a mouthful of flowers?!? Another chuckle - I love the photo to go with that. Did he really carry them home or just eat them? So cute!

Becky Burkheart said...

haha! I suspect the prints might be raccoon.

and yes, *sigh*, Glamdring will grab bites and carry them around forever. We laugh at him for it, but it doesn't seem to bother him. :)

Aelfleah Farm said...

I can attest that racoons LOVE eggs... And probably the chickens too, if they aren't forth coming with the eggs. Maybe like a mob thing...

"Where's the eggs, Chicken?"
"I'm sorry Ricky, I just don't have an egg today!"
"You better give up the egg, you brainless featherduster or it's curtains for you!"
"But Ricky, one more day! I juts need one more day!"
"You've had all the time your gonna get. Time to teach a lesson to your little chicken friends!"
----insert flying feather, lots of pathetic noise, screeching and then... silence----
"Whadabout you, Chicken Two? You got your egg ready?"

When "Bonnie" our semi-feral coon had a litter under the house, I used to give her eggs and grapes to go with the cat food she shared with the semi-feral cats.

K.M. Saint James said...

Sorry about your chickens.

The house looks amazing with the stone work. I didn't understand the whole flooring 'thing', but I am a visual gal so pictures would help.

As for your hero -- bravo to you for realizing that he wasn't all the man he needed to be and toughing him up. Wow, if that only worked in real life. GRIN!

Val said...

Yep, those prints are raccoon...
Glad to see the house coming along nicely. Maybe Ding-Dong [Baraq] & I can come out to see it after the back-to-school dust settles!