It's All about Telpe

Telpe.... yes, regular readers will remember Telpe.

So I captured a couple of shots of her nose a couple of weeks ago ... and have been debating as to what kind of jaws she had poked her nostril into.

The top ones did look like punctures to start with, so at first I guessed that she had battled a fanged snapping turtle of enormous proportion. (you can't tell as well in these photos, but the bottom wound was "V" shaped.)

I've revised this theory several times as it heals, because it really looks like -- of all things -- a human bite, on the top. I say that because it looks like it was made by blunt teeth in a half-round pattern. Of course -- I can't imagine any human being able to open their jaws wide enough to get the whole horse in their mouth like that. ...

The obvious answer would be a horse bite - but isn't that much too simple? (and of course, the pattern seems to narrow)

... and so while I've been pondering this mystery - the kids
run in last night to inform me that the grey filly had ripped her leg and a bone was sticking out.

- yes. Could there be any doubt that it was Telpe.

Thankfully, they were wrong about the bone, but she did skin her left gaskin.

This snap was taken the second day. Since it was sliced and torn down from the top, it couldn't be stitched because with the skin tag attached at the bottom there isn't any blood flow to the flap. So the vet simply snipped it off, gave her a couple of shots and we're starting with a simple spray on bandange. You can easly see the thickened edges of the skin. The bare muscle is an area larger than my hand and yes, the blood (and stuff) is seeping through. It's quite sore and swollen, but Telpe is happy as the proverbiable clam since she's tucked back into the indoor stall and is getting lots of extra special attention each day.


Val said...

ha ha - yes I'm sure the muzzle wound is an equine bite... Who knows what she stuck her leg through - possibly that circle of half-flattened cedar trees?!?
A few weeks of hydro & you'll have to post a follow-up - I'm sure it will heal up beautifully.
I should have gotten some pix of Quig when he ripped [what seemed like]half his R adductor out!

L.A. Mitchell said...

Yeow! Poor horse. I'd say you have a copious amount of nursing ahead of you. Get well wishes for Telpe :)

Unknown said...

Oh my word: that pony is a caution!
Just imagine -thinking of all I've learned writing horses through reading your blog- if a character was half way through a lengthy journey, to find their mount in that kind of mess when they wake in the morning...

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! That Telpe is a caution!
Bearing all in mind I've learned about writing horses through reading your blog, I pale to imagine what a character would feel finding their mount in this kind of mess -say when they wake in the morning! Especially the first day into their dangerous quest into the wild!

Becky Burkheart said...

LOL! Val, I think you have nailed it with the connection to the circle of flattened trees. She must be an initiate to the priestesshood of the Godess of the Winds!

Ouch!! About Quig. But it does always amaze me how well they can heal from terrible injuries.

LA! She's still here for now, but only for about another week. It's common for horses to injure themselves between the time they're sold and picked up. But she's going to a wonderful home where they'll provide excellent care.

Neaththe - YES! She is a caution. I love how you word that. Certainly it would slow down a hero if his mount got tangled up in a branch or something like that overnight!

Cindy said...

Yikers! best wishes on fast recovery on both Becky!

Have you considered the wild boar theory with the bite? :)

Cindy Stafford