RWA National Conference

Leah Braemel is here and we're having a great time here in Dallas.

After spending the morning at the conference in workshops about creating spunky heroines and conflict, we skipped over to Fort Worth's 'Northside'. We had lunch at Risky's and discussed the morning's classes over a couple of cold brews.

I think Leah was getting a little carried away with it all. ... what do you think? ;)


Amy Ruttan said...

Leah told me there was a possible bar fight. That's too funny. No wonder she went to jail.

Becky Burkheart said...

>a possible bar fight !?

*no comment* .... LOL ;)

Leah Braemel said...

Hey, Sue, you started it! You should have been the one to end up in that jail. But that danged sheriff couldn't keep his eyes off your cleavage, you hussy!

Red Garnier said...

HELLO SUE!!!!!!! I just had to stop and say a big HI!! I am working my little behind off now that I pitched a book I hadn't finished, lol. But I SO loved meeting you and Leah, I wish I hadn't taken my whole family so we could hang out more. BUT next time I will be all yours ladies, I promise!! How are you doing, did you get home ok? =)