Kids and fun photo stuff

Everyone, even the dog, is having a great time with our half-built house. The first floor is framed and they got a good start on the second floor before the rains came.

The kids decided that the planking that's laid down on the second story makes a better than average stage and so we've had regular concerts, mostly 'metal', but I can still pull the mom-card once in a while and get a little Johnny Cash or Queen.

added note: This is what I get for letting him read over my shoulder. I have to add that he likes to play Iron Man. I'm not sure if that's a genre, a band or a song, but there ya' go. He likes to play Iron Man.

They found two old bottle rockets left over from somewhere and set those off last night. It was a little interesting to see them set off from so high, but more worrisome to wonder what, other than the rockets' themselves, was going to catch on fire. Fortunately, we had a wonderfully uneventful evening and got the concert and light show settled down in time for the neighbors to hit the sack.


Unknown said...

Iron Man is an old Black Sabbath song. Black Sabbath is the band that Ozzy was in before he was Ozzy... oh, that's Ozzy Osborne. It's most definitely metal, Mom. Geeze, get with the program!

Becky Burkheart said...

oh yuck! *sigh* When I said I wanted him to play the older songs, I meant stuff like Folsom Prison Blues or American Pie.

... but I'll take credit for him listening to me on some level! :)

Leah Braemel said...

Oh, boy, I didn't know about Iron Man, and I used to listen to Black Sabbath - way back when. So you're not alone Sue. But Guitar Hero has brought back a lot of the 'oldies' (sob, I hate referring to the music of my generation as the oldies, that's my PARENTS' music!) so my kids are rolling on the floor a lot when I walk in and recognize a song. (Either that or they're groaning...)