The Sense of Honor

Any of you who like a little more plot with your romance should pick up _The Sense of Honor_ by Ashley Kath-Bilsky.

I can't recommend it highly enough and I have to say, this is the kind of romance I like to read. It is romance enough in that the story is about how they meet and overcome their differences, but rather than the soft focus we see in so many books, it's wrapped in an honest-to-god story with plot twists and conflict oh!my. Ashley writes with a delicate balance of elements, both emotional and technical, that, as a reader, I find wonderfully fulfilling

If you saw my long post earlier this month, you see I have varied tastes, from erotica to high fantasy to pulp to hard science fiction. (just got back my Hammer's Slammers book that I loaned out and it's due for a re-read.) I love them all for various combinations of reasons, but it's a rare gem that combines so many of the elements that I like in one story as well as Ashley does in The Sense of Honor. No exploding spaceships, of course, but a little of just about everything else.

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Anonymous said...

I read The Sense of Honor and could not put the book down. I was completely caught up in the story and relations of the main characters. Well done Ashley. I can't wait for you next novel.