back on the wagon

I'll have more horse news and pictures next week, we're headed out of town in the morning for a long weekend riding in the Sam Houston National forest. (Yea!)

In writing news - I swore, after I submitted to the FFF Hook contest, that I was going to get back in the habit of regular submissions and I meant it. I've been looking through the RWA contests and found this delightful Sizzle Contest and after much gnashing of teeth and cutting of lines, mailed off a scene. The one I sent wasn't my first choice, but they limit you to 12 pages and it seems I can't write a 'sexually tense' scene in much less that 20 pages.

I'm also looking at this one: THE GOLDEN CLADDAGH CONTEST and will send _Bloodcup_ in as a historical if I can get sneak a few minutes to give it a once-over and pick the best spot to end it for their page limit requirement.

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Gabriele Campbell said...

Good luck with those contests.

A 20 pages sex scene? I've never managed more than some 1000 words on one. But then, I'm not writing Romance and tend to gloss over the details. And most of the scenes I have are m/m anyway. *grin*