FFFHook Contest - OOOuch!

*head in hands*

The judge hated it. S/he didn't get anything about the time or place ... thought it might be something about Greek.

Only a couple other comments so far (lots! and LOTS!! of hooks posted over the last couple of days, so lots of commenting going on, but easy to get lost in the crowd.). One commenter agreed with the judge and the other more nicely agreed with the judge. :)

But the good thing is that it's interesting to see the story again through fresh eyes and of the three comments so far, they've all three indicated the same area of confusion and that gives me a clear direction. I hadn't tried to write anything like this kind of hook before so it's been a real learning experience - both in writing my hook and reading the posted hooks and critiques and comments.

.... off to the drawing board for revisions!


Gabriele Campbell said...

Hi, here's aulus_poliutos from the FFF LifeJournal.

Riding and writing about history - what a lovely combination. :) I've taken the liberty and added you to my blogroll. I'm a lot more active on my blog than on my LJ - check it out if you want.


Becky Burkheart said...


Thank you and nice to meet you. I browsed your pages last night - you have a lot going on!!

I'm glad to meet more history-minded folk. I've had the thought that there aren't enough of us to go around! :)

Sue L

Gabriele Campbell said...

There are some history geeks on my blogroll. Anthony Durham has published a novel about Hannibal, Scott Oden writes about Aegypt and Greece (and Orcs, lol), Wynn Bexton about Alexander the Great, Megumi about the Persian wars, and Celede about the Batavian revolt against Rome. Then there's the Edward II fangirls Alianore and Susan, *grin* , Elisabeth Chadwick has published several books about Mediaeval England/Wales, and Carla writes Dark Age Britain stuff.

A gang I collected in the two years I have a blog. :)