House Update

Most of you probably don't remember that we're building a new house. It's going slowly (here is a post about it from last October) but we're paying as we go and won't be in debt when we move in. That's maybe too personal for a blog, but it is what it is it. I hate being in debt, and while I appreciate being able to make large purchases and pay over time, I doubly hate paying three times the price for something (by the time all the interest is paid).

I know it seems to be The America Way - to live high on the hog and pay by the month, but I'd rather do without.

Here is today's photo of the house-in-progress. The rock is delivered and ready to go up, and the roof is going on. So step by step, it's getting done and I'm getting excited about picking out tile and wall colors and textures for the inside.


Cathy said...

Good thinking! The farm was paid off so of course I am still dealing with mortgage sticker shock and trying to get this puppy paid for.

Have I sent this link to another fav blog?

L.A. Mitchell said...

Now THAT looks like a Texas porch :)

Leah Braemel said...

Ooh, you must be getting excited! It's looking really good - so you got a guest bedroom?

Becky Burkheart said...

I know I'm going to love the porch. It goes all the way around.

Leah, we'll have plenty of room in the new place, and of course the little cabin is still down in the valley.

Cathy - that's a wonderful site! Thank you for the rec. I've added it to my blogline.

Val said...

Well mega-congrats to you!
[Dear ol' Dad saved us megabucks by serving as our general contractor when we built the house, but at least we'll have it paid for in about 10 more yrs...]
Can't wait to see it, heh heh...