More Mistakes!

If you're writing any kind of western or stories about wars or detectives, or anything about police work or .... well - anything in which someone might have a gun, you need to know that The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Firearms, by Peter Knight is now available. And you need to click over and download a copy.

This is the second book in the _33 Mistakes_ series hosted by Holly Lisle in her HollyShop and it's of the same high quality as everything Holly carries in her shop.

Peter is highly qualified and well versed in his subject as well as a talented writer. He breaks down the mistakes into pointed and concise bite-sized bits that provide an amazing amount of specific detail in a no-nonsense fashion with the occasional delightful slipping in of subtle dry humor.

He covers a range of topics from historical to modern, gun types and sizes, ammo differences, range and damage, protective vests, accuracy - and lots more in specific and easy to understand terms. I'm a somewhat involved hobbyist shooter and I was surprised to read how much I didn't know I didn't know. Unless you're already working with an expert, if you're writing guns, you need this book.

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