The Xershee Trip

I love a road trip and picking up a new horse is always the best reason - especially when it's not mine!

Aelfleah Farms contracted to purchase a nice older mare that they hope to get a few more foals from and I couldn't resist the offer to 'go with' to pick up. It's the first long trip with the new-to-me truck I got last fall and I'm loving every minute of it.

Arrangements have been made for some time and everything was ready to go this morning. The truck had oil and filters changed, fluids topped off and a new tire last week. I got a couple of minor repairs on the trailer that's been needing for awhile and cleaned it out!

We pulled out of Cleburne at 5am and picked Tamara up from work in Dallas at 7:30.

We've made good time with no complications, so far, except for a little confusion about wiggly state lines. ..

Out of Texas, through Arkansas, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri... Illnoise and we'll to Indiana in another hour.

BTW, Tamara says her name is not Xershee, that she's going to call her Blackie. I think that I should get a vote since it's my truck that's bringing home.

I guess that's what I get for letting her read over my shoulder.

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Leah Braemel said...

Rock cuts! (Yeah, inside joke)

No piccies of the mare? And if there's a vote re the name - Xershee is much more memorable/exotic than plain old Blackie! That's like naming a cow 'Bossy' or a dog 'Spot'.