Another one

We had a fantastic double weekend a couple of weeks ago. More shooting!

We rode to a 2nd place in our division two weeks prior, and again at the last shoot, this time we were only down by 3/10's of a second. Close enough to both laugh and cry. But it was a good day getting better -- no question about that.

After the shoot, I went on out to camp on some private property adjoining the local national grasslands. The property owners are horsemen and long time friends of mine. They purchased this little guy as a coming 2yo, just about three years ago. I've seen him a couple of times, some photos and regular updates as he has been started under saddle, but I hadn't been able to spend any real time with him until recently -- and what a wonderful treat to see him all grown up and going down the trail. We did a short (6 miles) trail ride since we were all on young horses and I had the pleasure to ride him around camp when we got back.

This is the most rewarding thing in the world, to see grown up babies out in the world and doing good. And especially once I got on him. He's the perfect blend of his sire and dam, with his sire's lightness and length of stride and his dam's strength.

He's well loved and well cared-for, he's happy, healthy and well-adjusted. He's willing and his training is just were it should be given his age.

And so, at least in this part, all is right with my world.


Val said...

I gotta try to scan/post an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS photo a lady got of Mr B & I at Ft Stanton last summer...
But yeah, talk about nostalgia - I can hardly believe my Baby Girl is 17; her colt's as tall as she is!

K.M. Saint James said...

Great pictures, Sue. I love dropping by to get the latest horse news -- being a total novice myself. How tall is the horse you're on? And is that the average size for most riding horses? Being a only a movie-horse gal, they always seem so much taller on TV -- of course, could be like the camera adding 5 pounds (Grin), does the horse on TV just seem taller?

Have a great writing and riding week.

L.A. Mitchell said...

So glad things are going well for you, Sue. I don't imagine the horses like this heat.

Becky Burkheart said...

Val! Yes, I'd love to see the photo. Nudge me privately if you post it on your blog and I don't respond (real life has me by the shorthairs lately)

Sandra. Yes, my horses are smallish. Beri is only 14.1 and legally a pony rather than a horse according to the associations that define those things. Most of mine are about her size or just a few inches different.

LA. So glad to hear from you again. No, they tend to stay quiet during the day when it's so hot. But they love getting sprayed with the water hose in the afternoon.