First Week

Little ANDRETH is a week old today.

Here is she with my mom who's President of my Fillies Fan Club. Thank goodness for moms who will come out and gush over each new colt and filly, no matter how many we've had over the years.

Andreth has proven herself to be sweet, sane and sassy, all in the same package and we're delighted with her. She's friendly and curious and loves being scratched.

I like to get the babies turned out on pasture as soon as I can, but even with a good sensible filly like Andreth, it's always a little scary to let them out into the big, wide world.

Of course, she did fine with it.

I turned them into the small pasture and they snorted and bucked around before taking off to the Wild Blue.

They had a nice run-around and tucked back into the comfort zone in their pen, took a longish nappy, and went exploring again.

Andreth will likely be my 'next' endurance horse, her dad and Beri may be ready to slow down by the time she's ready to go, so this is an excellent start for her.


Cindy S said...

What a pretty girl! And a pretty red chestnut!

Becky Burkheart said...

Thanks Cindy!! I love my fire-engine red ponies, but I think this one will grey! But I love my greys too. I call them my "Good Guy" horses since the Lone Ranger always rode Silver! :)

Val said...

What a pretty girl!
(Just got back from Ft S; need to work up a post, Baraq done good!)