Hello World

- as yet un-named (probably grey) filly by GWAIHIR TOS out of BINT BINT AMAIRAA was born last night about 10:30, so she's only about 16hrs old in this photo. The oddest thing of all is that she was born on her due date, which virtually never happens with horses. *Average* gestation is about 11 months, *normal* is anywhere from 10-13 months. So you can see that picking any particular day is going to be problematic.

With her last foal, Marah started showing signs of labor in October and didn't deliver until January, so I was watching the impending signs of this one with some trepidation.

Thankfully, all went well, mostly well. The filly was born easily and was very strong and eager to get up and get around. Marah had a little more pain than I like to see passing the placenta, she kept laying down again instead of letting the filly try to learn to nurse. It was a little more difficult than usual because the filly is tall enough and Marah short enough that it makes finding the teat the first couple of times a little more awkward.

But they managed and so now you have new filly stories to look forward to over the next few years.


Unknown said...

How adorable! I hope Mama is doing better now. Nursing will help her get over the birth. So lucky to have such signs of the purity of life!

Leah Braemel said...

aww, so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of him, and hearing more stories. Yay, Mara! and welcome little guy.

Becky Burkheart said...

Thanks guys.

She's sweet as can be and we're having lots of fun just hanging out and sniffing and scratching her and being snuffled and snorted on! :)

Yes, Marah is doing fine. She's a great mom and is nursing good and taking good care of her baby!

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetpea! Hopefully she grows into the ears (they look almost as long as her legs)
Christy & Zenah